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    As the new Green world has just recently opened, I've seen a ton of people mentioning how broke they are in the global chat. In this guide, I want to show you 3 methods on how you can get rich quickly and leave your broke days behind you. FYI, In 3 days using just these 3 steps, I accumulated a total of 39 diamond blocks.

    Number 1 - Selling
    Selling is a huge part of the Applecraft economy but some people still fail to realize how much money is actually in it. When you start to sell something, you're first going to need to come up with an item to sell. You can always bandwagon and see what everyone else is selling but majority of the time, you'll be forgotten about. You need to find an item that isn't the easiest to obtain and that not many people are already selling it. Make sure you stay active reading the global chat and see what people are asking for. Majority of the time you'll see players asking; "is anyone selling (this/that)". If you're actively reading the chats you can start to see when an item starts to become more and more demanded for. You can boost your profits by selling a range of things or switching your priorities for the more demanded items. For instance, when Green opened up, players were asking for mending/fortune/unbreaking books and nobody had them. You need to take advantage of your situation. And even if you don't have a player shop to sell from, in person trades are always welcomed on the server.

    Number 2 - Time efficiency
    When you're waiting for someone to grab up your offer or you're just sitting there wondering what to do... GO MINING!!! I cannot stress this enough, one of the fastest ways to make diamonds on Applecraft is to strip mine at Y 11 with a Fortune 3 pickaxe. If you're doing this step in between Step 1 and 3, you'll be maximizing your profits. Mining is also a great way to to obtain other resources like coal, iron and gold which is also very useful. This steps simple and takes barley any work but has a very high reward.

    Number 3 - Investing
    This is mainly focused around rares, but yes, you can invest in other items as well. Think of rares as like properties in real life. You buy them for a lot and sell them for a lot and make a profit (hopefully). Rares like movement ones (permanent speed, jump boost etc) and items like swords and axes with custom enchants and effects tend to raise in price over time. Even some rare disguises can sell for a lot. If someone is looking in chat for these items, have a look at what other people are selling them for before you make the purchase. Nothing hurts more than losing money on an investment. Try bargain with the seller to make yourself and him happy and so you can try and flip the item for a bigger profit.

    These are my main 3 steps I have used so far on the new Green world. Anyways, my point is that you can use real world business techniques to make money on Applecraft and I find that very amusing. Don't be afraid to take some risks and purchase things for large amounts of diamonds because I can almost guarantee, if you don't ballpark the price, you can make a little bit of profit everytime.

    Have fun mates! ​
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    I'm sure players will find this very useful!
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