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    Before building a farm sorter on green I checked the rules, but today discovered that the rules changed on 8 October (without notice in announcements or in changelog). I need now to rebuild my farm to abide by the rule, but am unclear what the rule means in practise.
    "8.2.10 Autosorters are limited to 2 modules max, meaning you can sort up to 2 chests in a system. You may only have 2 modules loaded at once, so you cannot have 2 farms with 2 modules each loaded (thus 4 modules are loaded)."
    My question is how many chunks must I leave between sorters to ensure two sets do not load at once? I think if I stand between two farms, the five chunks either side of my chunk load ie 11 chunks x 11 chunks are loaded (no one has ever been able to confirm this to me - or does this vary by pc setting?). So if I leave a gap of ten chunks without sorters between each farm with a sorter will I conform to this rule?
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