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    In-game name:my ign is avrhmsaviv,
    Ban date:17\10\2020
    Ban reason (if known):xray
    Moderator who banned (if known):spooky684

    i have started to play in this server yesterday. i love this server and from all the Excitement forgot to read the ruls... now that i know the ruls and i have read them twise i will never use x ray again im swer. pls get my ban off i really want to play
    idont think that there is a lesson that i can learn by you punishing me... im am new and i just didnt know that its doent allowed... its not like i knew its forbitend and still did it, for that i will understand the ban.
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    Thank you for submitting an appeal.

    While I admire your honesty in admitting that you x-rayed, I have to say that ignorance of the rules does not justify breaking them.

    However, you are not being completely honest either. Myself and another moderator were in the process of dealing with another x-rayer last night when you sent a message to her asking a question. Only a second later she was attempting to send a response to the other player and because of the way that the reply feature works she inadvertently replied to you instead. She told me about this and we had a laugh about it.

    Here is the message that was accidentally sent to you: "We don't allow xray here. The first offence is a 7day temp ban. However, if you feel the ban you are about to recieve is false you can appeal on our forums at applecraft.org"

    So your claim of ignorance is invalid as you were told directly by a moderator that x-ray was not allowed on the server as well as what the penalty would be.

    No one appreciates dishonesty, and here on AppleCraft we don't tolerate breaking of the rules either. Your appeal for leniency is denied. You may return when your seven day ban has expired, however, if you continue x-raying upon return you will be banned permanently from the server.

    Thanks again, Spooner684
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