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    Prize 1: Nemean Lionskin
    Item: Leather Chestplate
    Effect: Resistance 2, no explosion damage, no damage from bows, speed 5, poison and slowness immunity
    Lore; Taken from the hide of the Nemean Lion this tough skin is sure to keep the wearer protected while still feeling light and nimble!

    Prize 2: Spear tipped with Hydra blood
    Item: Netherite sword, sharpness 6
    Effect: Posion attack
    Lore: Taken from the blood of a hydra, this tokic liquid could be fatal

    Prize 3: Artemis Blessing Bow
    Item: Bow
    Effect: Power 7, Infinity, Unbreakable, slowness attack
    Lore: For not harming her deer Artemis has awarded you with a special bow

    Prize 4: Erymanthian Boar spawn egg
    Item: Spawn egg
    Effect: Hostile,immortal pig, deals the same damage as a Zombie
    Lore: This pig was feared by many people , now it is under your command

    Prize 5: Smelly River Water
    Item: Lingering potion of nausea and blindness
    Effect: Unlimted duartion
    Lore: This smell sure wont go away

    Prize 6: Stymphalian Birds feather
    Item: Feather
    Effect: Sharpness 16 (deals the same as a normal netherite sword i think TEST FIRST)
    Lore: These pesky birds had sharp feathers

    Prize 7: Headpiece with the Breath of the Cretan bull
    Item: Leather Helmet
    Effect: Flaming stare (anyone that the wearer looks at gets set on fire)
    Lore: FIRE BREATH!

    Prize 8: Horses of Diomedes spawn egg
    Item: Horse spawn egg
    Effect: Same as pig spawn egg exept horse.
    Lore: These horses dont live on grass...

    Prize 9: "Girdle of Hippolyte"
    Item type: Netherite leggings: retextured with a belt on them
    Item effect: No knockback, protection V
    Item lore: The amazons were a powerful group... all protected this one sacred belt....

    Prize 10: Wings of Geryon
    Item type: Elytra
    Item effect: speed 3 and jump 3, takes more ranged damage
    Item lore: My only weakness is an arrow threw my 3 hearts....

    Prize 11: Golden Apple of the Hesperides
    Item type: golden apple
    Item effect: Regeneration 5, absorbtion 5, resistance 5 and fire resistance when eaten for 2 minutes
    Item lore: Use this wisely, there aren't many around...

    Prize 12- Cerberus spawn egg
    Item type- spawn egg
    Item effects- spawns a dog that attacks players that the owner hits very hard, can be killed, has 3 heads

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