I apparently used "nofall" and I was fly hacking.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Rexaril, May 5, 2021.

  1. Rexaril

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    May 5, 2021
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    In-game name: Rexaril
    Ban date: 5/4/2021
    Ban reason (if known): Hacked Client
    Moderator who banned (if known): ManInAVan

    Maninavan is very sexy and I love him so much, but he accused me of using no fall which I wasn't. I had no hacks on at the time. This pissed me off, so I turned on my fly hack. I want to talk with the owner about anticheat btw, because Applecraft's did nothing. I was hacking, but I liked the server after coming on just to troll. I feel bad and I want to legitimately play now.
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    Nov 12, 2016
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  3. ManinaVan

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    Jun 16, 2019
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    Hello, and thank you for using the correct format and to admitting fly hacks so we don't have to show you the evidence I mentioned. As you mentioned, the owner did not apply an anti-cheat to the server because: 1. The server may have a small chance of accidentally banning someone for "cheating" (there are many rares that can look like someone might be cheating) and 2. a mod's job and existence is to moderate players, enforce the rules (which create order) and for us to take responsibility on and to deal with each player individually and efficiently. Unfortunately, you will not be unbanned because hacking is generally not agreed on in almost every server and game (excluding 2b2t). That other post you made for Sierpinski says that you haven't done anything and never had to make the second post unless otherwise.
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