I made a mistake with my rares. Be careful with books.

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    I hope I can get this fixed, but if not, I hope this helps the rest of you not make the same mistake. Earlier this week I got a crate key and by luck of the draw, got the book of Wrath, which applies a wither attack to any item.

    So, naturally, as a more ranged player, I got my hands on a crossbow of darkness rare and applied the book. Sounds great on paper, right? Add multishot and a poison arrow and you're applying 4 status effects at once. BIG mistake.

    Turns out the wither attack only applies to physically hitting enemies with the crossbow itself, not any arrows it launches like I thought. I did take a screenshot of applying the book as precaution, but is seems I was too reckless. If it could be undone (or, heck, make it so it actually applies wither with each shot, that's be awesome), that'd be fantastic. But I know when I've screwed up. So whether I'm stuck with this or not... Be careful with your rare enchantments, people.

    Update: I got the book refunded. The staff is swift and helpful, as usual. Thanks!
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