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    A couple of things I’ve noticed need to be fixed from my first week of playing apple craft (I only play red so most of this applies to red):

    1. A couple of swords need to be fixed in the pvp arena, one that comes to mind is the sword of souls. I believe the reason it doesn’t work is because you’ve used command blocks on it to make it use vex spawn eggs with a randomiser variable attached and because of the way claims work it doesn’t let you use spawn eggs (I believe so anyway). Maybe it’s because you don’t want the vexes being entity spammed or attacking people outside of the drop down zone. This could be fixed in 2 ways; a) add a border block at the dropdown that disabled mob ai once they’ve past it and despawns them. b) put them on a timer so they despawn after a set amount of time.

    2. Fix superman Elytra please I literally cannot use my favourite type of pvp (crystal pvp). It would be lovely if this is somehow changed in a way that doesn’t stomp it into the ground and still makes them valuable and fun.

    3. On the website for red world rules there is no rule against lag machines, you might want to update that. I’ve been told by a friend it’s a perm ban on all servers but the rules say otherwise

    4. Fix the hard hat rare, even though it’s against the rules you could still chorus fruit or boat past the border, go out really far (the rare disables suffocation) and tp people to you for instant kills. You don’t need to nerf it just make it so the suffocation from the border ignores rares and item stats. I KNOW THAT PEOPLE use the hard hat rare to raid more end cities, instead of nerfing it you could prevent tpa’s from being accepted past the border like in the vertical maze. Then again people using the hard hat to load chunks past the border and lag the server is an issue. This one is a hard one.

    5. Fix the mail/email system, I got a mail from a mod recently and the chat told me to use /mail read to read it and it doesn’t work. The correct command is /email read

    6. Fix /ignore to disable tpa requests as well pretty frustrating when you can’t do /ignore to disable tpa requests. On red some people constantly send random tpa’s.

    7. Not urgent but it would be nice if the pvp arena got a revamp so we could use e crystals in there (put a couple blocks of bedrock or obsidian around in the arena). It would also be nice if you could add a ‘duel’ feature where we could do /duel and then disable certain items or offhands when you fight in the arena.

    Overall great server I’m not trying to hate or display that the server is bad because it’s not, honestly it’s been really nice ever since I first join I was greeted and treated well by everyone. I appreciate all the work the staff put into the server and the donations players put in.
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