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    IRL Deals

    A Minecraft version of this information will be available in-game at /Shop LenaPyro on Blue! Currently, I only accept payments on Blue server but can do IRL’s for any server.

    IRL Deal Rates

    I charge 2 stacks of DB per $10 spent in the AC store.


    · $10=2 Stacks

    · $20=4 Stacks

    · $50=10 Stacks

    · $70=14 Stacks
    I do offer people the chance to skip ahead to the top of the list by paying extra. I charge an extra 25% to do so. This will be a first come, first serve basis meaning that the first person to come to me paying extra will be first, the second person will be second, so on and so forth.


    · $10=2.5 Stacks

    · $20=5 Stacks

    · $50=12.5 Stacks

    · $70=17.5 Stacks​

    IRL Deals Wait Time

    The wait time can sometimes be extensive depending on the amount of money people are wanting to spend & how many people are on my list. I try to get to people within 1-6 weeks, but sometimes it can go over. You are more than welcome to ask me if I have an idea of when I’ll get to you, but please do not take advantage of this and spam me. I get paid biweekly which means that I can do 1+ (again, depends on how big the IRL deals are) IRL deals every two weeks.

    How to Get on the IRL Deal List

    There are a few ways that you can get on the IRL deal list. Please include your in-game name, the dollar amount you wish to spend, as well as if you’ll be skipping ahead by paying more, and what server you’d like your IRL deal on. As mentioned before, I currently only accept payments on blue, but can do an IRL for any server.

    1) Message me in game (if I’m online). /whisper LenaPyro

    2) Message me on Discord. LenaPyro#9813.

    3) Message me here, on the AC Forums.

    4) Drop a paper or book in the donation bin at my shop on blue. /Shop LenaPyro.


    My in-game name is LenaPyro. I’d like to do an IRL deal for $10 on Blue world.


    My in-game name is LenaPyro. I’d like to do an IRL deal for $10 on Blue world. And, I’ll be paying extra to be at the top of the list.


    My name is LenaPyro. I'd like to do an IRL deal for $10 on Purple world.​

    **AGAIN: I cannot stress this enough. I currently only accept payments on Blue. Meaning, if you want unlimited set homes on Red or Purple, you’ll have to pay me two stacks on Blue.


    (1) If you find someone else to do the IRL deal for you before I can get to you, there will be no hard feelings. Just let me know that you want off the list, and I’ll remove you!

    (2) If I get to your turn for the IRL deal and you no longer have the DB ready to pay for it, no worries! You can choose to be skipped. You will keep your spot on the list; however, this means that you must wait until I get paid again because I will have moved on to the people below you.

    (3) IRL comes first. I apologize if you have been waiting awhile and I get to your turn but must pay bills, so you end up waiting again. I love helping you guys out, but my pets as well as my living situation come first!

    (4) People on my IRL list will be displayed at my shop on Blue and will get updated as often as I can. I try to update it every two weeks when I get through some IRL deals, but sometimes update sooner if I get a lot of requests.

    (5) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them through any of the methods of contact I provided earlier, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

    (1) Can I trade rares for my IRL deal?
    Yes, I do accept rare trades. However, the rares must equal the amount of DB you’d be spending. For example, if you are wanting a $10 IRL, the rares you exchange must be able to be sold for two stacks of DB. I will often ask outside sources for prices before settling on what to price each rare so that it isn’t biased.

    (2) Can I change the price I want?
    Of course! If you’d like to update the price you want to spend in the shop, just message me and I can get that changed easily!

    (3) Can I pay in advance?
    I'd prefer that you hold onto your payments until I get to you! Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep track of AND you may just find someone else to do it before I can get to you which would then mean you'd have to wait for me to get online and give you your payment back and yup...It'd be a big mess. However, if you plan to be gone for a long period of time and want to pay me in advance, I will allow that. I just will put your payment off to the side and not touch it until I've purchased what you wanted.

    Thank You!

    I just want to thank you all for how amazing you guys all are! This is such a special community and I truly enjoy getting to communicate with you guys every day. As part of my gratitude, I will be holding giveaways as often as I can afford to. All giveaways will be posted in the General Discussion part of the forums and be posted up in my shop.

    I love you Applecrafters <3
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    This is awesome, Lena!
    I have saved up for this exact thing for a long time now, and now you post this and even open up to the rares barter?!
    TheAncapGent would like to do an IRL deal with you for 70 dollars so I can get that damn Titan rank. If you are willing to, I'd like to put down 5 stacks of DB and the rest in rares. I do have the 14 DB, but if I can barter I'll save the DB lol.
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