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    Hi! I'm Livia Houston, and here's my tutorial for mining.

    I will only be covering the most efficient way to mine. With a speed rare and an efficiency 6 unbreakable pickaxe, the technique will become, on an average, nearly 9x more efficient, according to a multitude of tests performed by reddit users with efficiency 5 vs a multitude of tests performed on Applecraft with efficiency 6.

    If you don't have an efficiency 6 pickaxe, there are organizations, such as mine (on blue) (RentAKit, you can ask for more information), that rent out such pickaxes for low costs, and it is recommended you use one. Efficiency 6 causes stone to be instamined, or instantly broken, and so it is extremely optimal to use efficiency 6 rather than efficiency 5. The same effect of instant mining can be replicated with efficiency 5 and a haste II beacon, but mining around the beacon rather hampers efficiency.

    Mining on y=11 is optimal, as diamonds spawn on that level, and lava spawns at ground level, negating the possibility you mine into lava, as it is spawns just below your feet, easily visible and avoidable.

    Once down at y=11, either with a sethome placed or a ladder/staircase/water stream in order to get back to the surface, mining straight forward in a 2x1 hole is recommended. Mining a 2x1 hole exposes 8 blocks per layer, that is, the blocks to the side (4), the blocks to the top and bottom (2), and the blocks in front (2). Mining a 1x1 hole would technically achieve maximum efficiency, exposing 5 blocks per layer, but there is a speed reduction in crawling or swimming, and so mining a 2x1 hole is more efficient.

    If you hit gravel or dirt, mine 6 blocks to the side and mine back the way you started. The reason for 6 blocks is shown in this graph:
    At 6 blocks or higher, mines can be considered separate entities due to the chance a diamond ore has been mined by the first mine being negligible. Technically, any value above 6 is even more efficient, but by increasingly small degrees. At 10, the efficiency rate drops, but that is more so to due with limitations in simulations than to 10 being inefficient.

    The reason to start a new mine when encountering dirt is that mining through dirt will not reveal diamonds, as diamonds do not spawn in dirt or gravel. therefore, it is more efficient to not waste the time mining dirt or gravel, and simply to mine back.
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    Also, don't just leave stone blocks (or other ores) dropped on the ground, as they will despawn over time, and did you know that you can sell around 20 stone blocks to mason villagers in return for an emerald? So around 3 emeralds per stack of stone. Make an iron golem grinder and make all the villagers masons. Gain tons of iron and exchange all of your stone for emeralds. Sell your emeralds and iron in return for diamonds. Waste less, gain more.
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    Hi! I'm yeeterspooky, and here's my tutorial for breathing.

    will only be covering the most efficient way to breathe.

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    Hi, I'm Panda_Squirrel. I'd come up with a longer retort, but all these diamonds are hurting my eyes .
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