"Modular" Grafting Pickaxe Design Outline

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    This is a post detailing a design for a "Modular" pickaxe- in game this pickaxe would be referred to as "Grafting Pickaxe" and the modules as "Units"- this is to differentiate them from the Modules created by Modular Bow as these units cannot be applied to the bow and vise versa.

    Grafting Pickaxe- Netherite, NOT unbreakable

    Basic Description: This Pickaxe generates a wide variety of "Units" (see how below) that you can apply to the pickaxe in an anvil, you can only have a maximum of 2 of these Units applied to it at the same time, these "Units" give the pickaxe various abilities. Note that one of the Units removes the other units from the pickaxe so you can apply 2 new ones again. All of these units are minor, generally pre-existing effects.

    keep in mind that to keep with the "spirit" of the item, you cannot apply regular library books of any kind to this pickaxe.

    In order to acquire "units", you need to shift right click specific blocks- this will destroy the block (excluding unbreakable blocks) and will drop you the respective module 20% of the time. This ability has a relatively long cooldown (10 seconds) in order to prevent it itself from being used to mine. Note that this cant be whenever you simply mine a specific block because then you could just re-place the blocks.

    This "Modular" item has a maximum of 2 modules at any given time.


    Null Unit: Drops from Sponge-> removes all units from the pickaxe when applied.

    Mystical Unit: Drops from Enchant Tables-> removes both/either Fortune or Silk Touch from the
    Pickaxe when applied.

    Reinforcement Unit: Drops from Iron Blocks-> Fully Repairs the Pickaxe's durability when applied.

    Note: the above 3 units do not take a slot, they simply apply and do their effect.

    Psychic Unit: Drops from Dragon Heads-> Telekensis.

    Incombustible Unit-> Drops from Obsidian-> Gives you fire resistance when held.

    Sight Unit: Drops from Sea Lanterns-> Gives you night vision when held.

    Speed Unit: Drops from Activator Rails-> Gives Speed III when held.

    Respiration Unit: Drops from Kelp Blocks-> Gives Water Breathing when held.

    Satiation Unit: Drops from Hay Bales-> Gives Satiety when held.

    Destruction Unit: Drops from Cacti-> Gives Annihilation to the pickaxe.

    Cooling Unit: Drops from Packed Ice-> Obsidian Walkers except it places ice blocks, and also works on water.

    Smelting Unit: Drops from Magma Blocks-> Autosmelt (not compatible with Psychic Unit).

    Learning Unit: Drops from Bookshelves-> Double XP Pickaxe.

    Solar Unit: Drops from Daylight Sensors-> Aboveground Haste 1.

    Stonecutting Unit: Drops from Stonecutters-> Pickaxe becomes a Pocket Stonecutter

    Stoneswimmer Unit: Drops from Gravel-> Suffocation damage Immunity (Hard hat)

    Shatterproof Unit: Drops from Respawn Anchors-> 50% blast resistance.

    Nanotech Unit: Drops from Loadstones-> Nanotech Mending

    Smashing Unit: Drops from Amathyst Geodes-> Pickaxe now instabreaks glass
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    I like the idea, but maybe make it unbreakable? replace nanotech mending and durability repair with specific boosts like breaking glass instantly/turning sand to glass/stuff like that.

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