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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Grumpa_Grizzles, Jun 15, 2021.

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    Hi guys,

    Disclaimer: I know nuts about programming, and how hard or unfeasible some things would be, so this is just some musings. I understand from reading some posts in the forum's that some things are 3rd party plugins.

    1.1) I'm suggesting an added function to either coal or gold shovel, crouch right click, it will simulate attempting to claim a 105block radius around you using imaginary claim blocks (i.e. checking for conflicting claims). Wherever conflicts are detected, a temporary beacon will appear.
    1.2) from within a claim, facing in the direction that you would extend, to crouch-rclick and a similar simulated claim to be run at border+100.
    1.3) perhaps to reduce potential lag-related abuse, this can only be done X times a day

    Reason: I understand the rationale behind the 100block rule, but ppl do claims both above and below ground, and each party is not able to detect the other. It is impossible for a potential aboveground claimer to test a 210x210 of seemingly unclaimed land to locate underground claims, and an underground claimer cannot test beyond his immediate cave walls.

    2) since we cannot preview the effects of grindstone (...right?), Could there be a server listing of special enchantments immune to cleansing? I.e. tied directly to the rare. Volunteers could be placed in a temp test area to test the cleaning of relevant rares. It can be a place with jail-like restrictions, boxes of old rares and a grindstone.

    3.1) a special shop area in the shop zone for pre-ranger newbies to display single chest/placedshulker of items that they would like to sell, as well as some placed signs in that area that advises newbies on the average price ranges of common valuables like keys and new rares and for stacks of common block items
    3.2) there should be consequences for players who consistently prey on newbies. It would really leave a bad taste on their tongues to join a server and get scammed on the first day or first week. I'm not referring to lowballs, but to lies, such as gaining a newbie's trust and then feeding them a bogus pc, and offering to buy their keys or rares at a seemingly 'gd' price. And all these is done via private msg, so other players can't offer the newbie advice. I don't know how they can sleep well. Deception is not currently in the rules, but I think it should be.
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    tbh, just woke up and didnt understand a word in the first 2 points.

    but for the last point about new players being scammed or sold items for unfair amounts is that, it just happens. whether something is implemented to stop it or not, itll still be happening. new players start to realise on their own that they're being scammed and that's just the cycle.

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