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    In-game name: ILoveApplecraft (T0kyoSexwale)
    Ban date: 12 December 2020
    Ban reason (if known): x-ray
    Moderator who banned (if known): Maechi
    Comments/explanation: I will start by saying simply that I love this server and that it gives me relief when I am stressed or have a lot on my mind and I haven't had that in a while. I have been playing on this server since 2017 and have never been banned with a couple run ins with staff and a joking tone most of the time, but I have devoted so much of my time voluntarily for so long and have spent money consistently as well as been active and engaging on the server consistently. I messed up the day I remembered back in 2010 when I x-ray on another server and got banned and went on my account T0kyoSexwale and used x-ray until I had a run-in with staff. I was completely in the wrong and deserved a warning 2 week temp ban which I originally had and regret arguing with at all especially in the tone I was in a fit of blind rage and stupidity. I am a complete idiot and realize that more and more everyday with how much thought and time and money I spend willingly into the server and what tells me I was wrong and love the server a lot is the fact that after all that and even though you guys are quick to deny my appeals I still want to be back on the server more than anything even if that means you taking all of my diamonds and all of my nether bricks or whatever the things was i mined in the nether I swear take it all I just want my builds back and house which was completely legit gotten as well as some of my diamonds but i dont care take them all I regret what I have done and really want another second chance whether that means lessening the ban to 2 weeks or a month or 2 months or 3 or whatever i dont care I just love this server and miss it and the community it puts me in. I also miss my builds and my animals and everything. I also realized that you grouped my ban with another persons ban who I figured out is my brother who gave me the hack which makes sense looking back that I should have asked if he got banned or used it but regardless I just want to be back on this server and don't know if I have the ability to ever stop trying to get unbanned. I realize that because of my previous actions you may think I am a joking person or that I don't care but every ban appeal is serious to me and I mean what I say and I am 100% truthful (I can not say that about my first few ban appeals) but as you know over time the truth comes out and I am telling the complete and utter truth in hope that you will recognize that in some way and see things through my perspective. I was in the wrong and deserved to be banned but I honestly and genuinly think that a temp ban is a lot more proper and appropriate of a ban especially because of my long involvement in the server and my donations and the fact that I am always active on the server and still want to be on after this long. I haven't even tried starting on another server because I can't even think about starting any other build that would ever compare to what I had. I just want that back and that community and everything and am so sorry. I will make a build in Maechi's honor as soon as I am back on to apologize if that means anything because I am for the way I acted. I just want to be back on the server and I love you guys and everyone on it even if you dont feel the same. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you guys possible reconsider in some way/shape/form. I love you guys.
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    Hello there. While I appreciate the change in tune in this ban appeal, the answer is still the same. We will not be unbanning you. We've already explained why the ban will not be reversed in your previous ban appeals, so I will not be reiterating myself on this one. Best of luck on your next server
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