Pelayo's Mineshaft [Purple]

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    Pelayo's Mineshaft
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    Tired of going to shops and seeing boring designs? Go to Pelayo's Mineshaft and get your eyes sighted in on a cave entrance with signs of an abandoned mineshaft.
    There's even a legend known as 'him' to haunt the cave shaft.

    We obviously sell rares (who doesn't?), general merchandise such as sponges, ender chests, leads, and so on! We have a come n' go section for shulkers and elytra's with prices you won't find anywhere else (They go quick!)
    Entering the cave you'll find hard to get building blocks, such as mossy/cracked stone bricks, cobwebs, sea lanterns, hay bales, and many more! There's also a currency exchange, iron, gold, redstone, and emerald blocks.

    “Not all treasure’s silver and gold, mate.”

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