Purple's 2nd Birthday Party- Everyone's invited!

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    Hello people of Applecraft! On June 30th, Purple celebrates a big milestone- our 2nd birthday!
    To celebrate, I will be hosting a few events-

    Birthday Raffles
    There will be 2 raffles this year! One for rares, and one for AC store $$! These raffles were pre-approved by the admin team.

    Each raffle is 1 Diamond Block per entry, unlimited entries!

    Rares Raffle:

    6 winners
    Prizes, in order from 1st to 6th place: Player Tracker, Shadows Realm Jumpers V3, Hephaestus' Enchantment (netherite upgrade book), Book: Invisibility, Addeve's Tesla, and Med Bay Scanner

    Money Raffle:

    4 winners
    1st Place- $30 AC Store Voucher
    2nd Place- $20 AC Store Voucher
    3rd + 4th Place- $10 AC Store Voucher
    [Winners will be contacted in game and you will be able to select items or ranks on the applecraft store that equal up to the $ amount you've won. You cannot choose items that will go over that amount, but you may choose to redeem the items for any world]
    Special thanks to lttomboyle and Abyssiniian for sponsoring 1st and 3rd place!

    How to enter: Rename a diamond block to your in game name and drop it at the designated hoppers at /pw Maechi.
    More information will be listed on the signs at my player warp so if you have any questions please read those first!

    Drawing for the winners will take place June 30th at 10AM UTC

    Birthday Drop Parties
    As with last year, I will be throwing 3 drop parties on the 30th! This is to reach multiple time zones so that everyone has a chance to attend and hopefully grab some goodies.

    Drop Party 1: 11AM UTC
    Drop Party 2: 7PM UTC
    Drop Party 3: 3AM UTC [July 1st]
    Timezone converter for easy convenience: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
    *Times might change due to real life circumstances or if there's other events happening during the times of the party. If a change occurs, I will update this thread and post something in game and on discord.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated! I've closed donations now due to having a ton of items already, for the sake of my sanity so I can sort everything out properly! I appreciate it owo

    And another, secret, event...

    There will be another event happening, but I won't announce it until after the first drop party. Stay tuned! :)

    If you have any questions, please go to /pw Maechi first and read all the signs, and if you still have questions feel free to shoot me a dm and ask! Thank you and hope you enjoy ^-^
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    So excited!!!
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    Congratulations to the raffle winners!:

    Money winners-
    1st buildingblocks90
    2nd Visualisa
    3rd Carnisaurus
    4th CaptainHarlock99

    You should have received a mail in game with more details, please let me know if you have any questions! (do /email read when you log in)

    Rares winners:
    1st osumari
    2nd Aresss_
    3rd Ivyne_
    4th fires_ninja384
    5th policro
    6th crystalcreeper04

    I have placed the items you won in your inventory!

    Thank you everyone for participating!

    First drop party is finished, second one will happen at 7PM UTC! After the drop party, head over to Pix's Barrel Platform where we have hidden 32 birthday cake rares! Enjoy <3

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