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    May 30, 2020
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    Hello everybody!
    After seeing the success of Albasant's PVP tournament this morning. I have decided to copy him. Enjoy the tournament, as it is meant to be fun! If you want to sponsor any event let ChunkyBowling know at his discord StingerZ#9260. Thanks for playing!

    Note: Prizes increase the more donations that a specific event receives.

    1st Tournament
    30/5/2020 at 6:30PM PT. Top 3 will receive prizes.
    1st place: 48DB, fox pet token, 32 golden apples and a Drunks Brew
    2nd place: TBD
    Equal 3rd place: TBD
    Organisers: ChunkyBowling, CreeperBoy185

    To enter message ChunkyBowling or CreeperBoy185 in game, or ChunkyBowling's discord @ StingerZ#9260.

    We will be following Albasant’s rules which can be found here on Albasant’s post. I can’t link it because of the filter.

    Hope to see you all in the arena!
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    i wanna join but is there a 7pm est one soon? or nah

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