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Have you experienced the vote system fail to register your vote?

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  1. BrandonT80

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    Jun 18, 2020
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    The vote system being broken or not registering votes is becoming commonplace on Applecraft. I have only played on Purple so I am unaware if it is an issue across other servers as well. Moderators have given every suggestion from being online when voting to not voting when there is too many players but nothing seems to remedy the issue. The voting system seems to work randomly and go down without cause randomly. Several of my friends and family play on this server and have all experienced the same issue, and many in the chat have too. When mods hear about it, its almost script for them to say that it is what it is and that the system is broken. In the interest of the players, can this issue be looked into? There should be a failsafe that allows the system to research votes when after it goes down or even after a server is restarted to make sure that if a laggy server caused the issue it can go back and regain those votes.

    It may not be the case that this issue is being ignored or neglected and there may already be a work in progress on its repair, but if not I hope this brings the issue to those who can fix it. Im sure players are tired of the failed registration of votes and mods hearing about it.

    Thank you for listening!
  2. TheSarchasm

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    Hey there,

    Voting is handled by two different third parties- the websites themselves and the plugin.

    In some cases, the website itself will fail to either properly register the vote, or to communicate the vote to the plugin. Usually when this happens you'll be able to vote on 2/3 of the websites and the last one won't go through.

    Other times the plugin itself fails to log the vote properly. This can either be widespread, with no one's votes registering at all, or just individual votes not making it through.

    Both of these are things that the server has no control over. If it's on the website end, there's 100 percent nothing to be done. If it's an issue with the plugin, all that can be done is restarting it...which works sometimes. Typically if we're made aware that votes aren't going through at all for anyone, someone will try restarting the plugin once.

    So it's not that the issue is being ignored, there's just nothing that can really be done to fix the issue. Suggestions like being online when you vote and avoiding times when lots of people are voting are just suggestions to try and mitigate the plugin hiccups.

    Sorry 'bout it,

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