Top 10 Blue World Rares in 2020

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    For this list "Best" rares are the rares that are the most powerful at what they do for their respective rare type. The order of the 10 is based on how useful that effect is in general. This is a blue list, I don't know much about the purple scene, let alone red. I am a rares PVP guy so there will probably be some bias towards those, but I also build a lot and I can see the power of those rares as well. So this list is really, "Top 10 rares I just can't live without"- Enjoy!

    10. Water Breathing Book:
    You can swap this with Lava immunity basically depending on if you spend more time near fire or water. This is a rare that costs nothing to equip to your build, it just gives you permanent Water Breathing. Again, there are literally dozens (maybe even hundreds with this one) of items that give you ONLY water breathing, and this rare just makes them look depressing. If you are a late-game player on blue, you should pick one of these up.
    Cost: 6+ stacks DB
    Location: Library Crate.

    9. Lava Immunity/Fire Resistance Book
    The best part about this rare (and the most annoying part from a design standpoint) is that it has literally no cost to have this equipped to you. Unlike supermans elytra or even dreamthisle which you have to slot in as supposed to actual armor, this is a rare that you can slap onto any item and it just gives you permanent fire immunity. There are literally dozens of rares which ONLY give fire immunity, and all of them look downright silly when compared to this. At some point if you are a late-game player on blue, you should pick one of these up. (Also, pls reprint)
    Cost: 8+ stacks DB
    Location: Library Crate.

    8. Supermans Elytra:
    This is one of the most PUSHED rares ever, I think if it were just one of its like 5 effects this would still be a good rare, even just "explosion immunity" on its own is amazing, and so is the super jump. Having those things together just means this rare is VERY powerful and useful for building or for PVP, it's the versatility that gets me on this one, there isn't a type of player who wouldn't want this rare. It's the Ultimate Casual Rare
    Cost: 7+ Stacks DB
    Location: Superhero Crate.

    7. Melon of Truth:
    This is just my bias speaking, but I love the allure of this particular rare. If you don't know what it does specifically, its Jump 10 and Regen 4 as a static effect. This rare combined with any good armor basically means most players- let alone mobs- cant race your regen as they deal you damage, the only way to kill a melon of truth user is with end crystals. Jump 10 sounds like too much, but the trick with these kinds of rares is that you can swap them off and on whenever you want, sometimes Jump 10 is really really fun (I particularly love it for scaling large buildings or mountains). Again, if you love PVP or building, this rare has something for you.
    Cost: 50+ Stacks DB
    Location: Drop party event 2017.

    6. Dreamthisle:
    A big point of contention right now is if Melon of Truth or Dreamthisle is better if you can only have one. For my money, even though I sold my Dreamthisle a while ago, I would still say I would rather have only it. If you don't know what a dreamthisle is, it's a flower that gives you +6 golden hearts, if you wear it as your /hat it also provides protection 10. The thing about golden hearts on Applecraft is that they aren't like regular hearts, they regenerate instantly and all at once at an interval (it feels like around 10 seconds but it varies). This means that if your opponent can't deal over 6 hearts of damage every 10 seconds they won't be able to kill you, dreamthisle also increases your base HP whereas Melon of Truth does not- this means you can potentially dodge explosions like end crystals or TNT. For my money, if You can only have one rare to make you invincible, this is the one.
    Cost: 30+ Stacks DB
    Location: Flower Crate. (April 2017 epic crate)

    5. Voidwalkers (Boots of Voidwalking)
    This is the bread and butter of the builder. If you don't know what these do, it's a little tricky to explain. Essentially, they let you walk (literally just walk) on air. You cannot jump or go down while wearing these which sticks you on whatever y-axis you entered voidwalking in. The usefulness with these is with the high-altitude building when combined with water (which lets you freely move around the y-axis) you can move around and do things that normally would be very hard without a flight mechanic. Essentially, this is the closest we have gotten to actual /efly on Blue as a permanent effect, which makes it invaluable for any builder. Keep in mind these are next to useless in pvp or pve because you are very slow and you cannot fire projectiles. Still though, these are the most important rares for building alone.
    Price: Depending on the edition, anywhere from 3-10 stacks of DB.
    Location: Many many crates across the years.

    4. Unbreakable Chestplate/Leggings/pickaxe/shovel/axe:
    Repairing your stuff is a huge pain, especially if you do a lot of PVP or mining it can really whittle the hours away. The boots and helmet being unbreakable doesn't really matter since those are usually a /hat' ed rare or a special boot of some sort. Having these items saves you not only time, but also mental energy that could be much better spent not worrying that your shit will randomly break on you. I especially think the pickaxe should be a priority for players as eff6 picks that aren't unbreakable are a huge pain to have to keep repairing them. That being said, if you go late game on blue you should really just pick up all of these.
    Pickaxe: 1.5 Stacks
    Chestlate: 2-3 Stacks
    Leggings: 2-3 Stacks
    Shovel: 32DB
    Axe: 32DB
    Location: /Buy, as well as several crates and events over the years.

    3. Enderbow:
    This is a personal pick, I think that this is one of the most underrated rares ever. If you don't know what this one does, it essentially turns your arrow into an ender pearl. This is very useful for the same reasons library books are useful because it allows you to condense the number of slots you need for a specific effect. The thing with other areas in this category like the various grappling hooks or thors hammer is that they only do that one thing. Enderbow is also a regular bow that can actually do damage, slap power 6 on it and you can 1 shot a bunch of mobs. Can't do that with a grappling hook. Enderbow also has a variety of tricks with it, the biggest one being that if you shoot on the underside of a block, you go through that block and arrive on top of it. This is super useful for navigating other peoples (or your own) builds and just great for moving around in general. The best part is it's totally unrestricted in claims because its origin is so old. The only exception is if you have garbage ping constantly. If you have bad ping, don't bother with bows. This is one of the most versatile rares on the server and I think people should be using it a lot more than they currently are.
    Price: Depending on the edition, anywhere from 2-6 stacks of DB.
    Location: Many crates across the years.

    2. Spores Boots
    This is simple, you can lump a lot of rares into this category (because unlike water breathing and lava immunity rares, they haven't all been made irrelevant by a library book) but essentially any speed+jump rare is a staple for the server. After playing with this effect it's very hard to go back to regular paced-Minecraft, and for good reason, having that extra speed and jump is great, it's useful for everything from building to PVP to PVE to exploration, there's no part of Minecraft that isn't improved by having one of these boots. Specifically, I'm going to have Spores as the top entry of this list, mostly because they are the strongest on their own. (Speed 4 Jump 3 unbreakable chainmail). I personally couldn't play anymore if it weren't for these boots. It's the biggest reason I wish the events staff hold were in our respective worlds instead of without any items in fresh worlds.
    Price: 4-6 stacks DB.
    Location: 2017 Advent item.

    1. Efficiency 6 Book:
    It's still not even close, there isn't and should never be a rare more useful and frankly game-breaking then the ability to put efficiency 6 on a pickaxe. If you don't know what this does, it gives you the ability to instantly mine all the garbage blocks (stone, andesite, diorite, etc). With this item I've averaged 50DB per hour strip mining, and that's after years of testing and recording results. This is THE best way to get diamonds on any server, and once you have one of these its only a matter of how much you want to mine before you become rich. This also makes underground building a lot easier, as you can clear stone like its netherrack. This item breaks Minecrafts game balance on a fundamental level, I would say it's so good that if you don't already have one, you should literally only be spending your time trying to get one. Like I wrote on the unbreakable tools section, make sure to put this efficiency level on an unbreakable pickaxe because mining stone like its netherrack isn't light on your durability.
    Price: 64Db/50 vote points.
    Location: /legendshop.

    Honorable Mentions: (No order)
    Ice Bow
    Player Tracker
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    Blackbeards Cutlass
    Puggernauts Space Sword
    Poison Attack Book
    Applebranch's Halo
    Kekkei Genkai
    Santas Pick
    Block Rotator
    Wand of Wildshape

    That's my top 10 list for 2020 (pirate crate month), If I missed any rares you think should be here tell me either on here or discord/in-game. There are ALOT of rares- especially in blue, so I probably did miss something.

    Good luck collecting all of these!
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    we stan
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    bruh im just looking at those prices

    how the hell do u pay for this shit
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    Applebranch’s halo? Really?
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    *laughs in poor*
    The only thing I have is unbreakable tools, and eff6. I think the demons apparatum would be good on this list since it’s very underrated, it’s a gold eff6, sharpness, fire aspect unbreakable tool that can swap between all tools, it’s very very good if your looking for some cheap eff6, I’d recommend it. Only downfall is you can’t mine diamonds, but you can always carry a spare eff5 pick with ya!
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    You know that Fire Resistance Book is literally a better Lava Immunity Book right? With Lava Immune, magma blocks damage you, with Fire Res they dont.
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    This is making me feel poor
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    santas pick should atleast be top 5
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    I don’t see realm jumpers, smh
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    Blue got that old money
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    makes me sad that i sold 2 water breathing books for 1.5 stacks each when it was nov 2019 wtf ;-;
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    Oil money

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