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    i am diondolfijn or dolphinboy all of you call me dion i am 15 years old i joined applecraft because my friend told me about it and i was looking for a server to play on i am loving the way this server does minigames so now and then i love playing i got introduced to applecraft on blue where no one would really help me get started then iw as going to red where a nice person helped me out i forgot his anme so eventualy me and my friend met up and he was like in which world are you because i was looking for his base i told him red then eventualy i got to purple where i started playing still am i first met _combatwombat_he gave me stuff to start with like a good pickaxe (still using it) and some armor after some time he started to fait from the server/ then i met ______magpie______ a nice person who gave away stuff to me to build and decorate after helping her out a bit she started to fait after meating up with some nice peopl including yurd i had lots of fun while having fun. then i met ninja liounax they where really nice lio was art and ninja helped me build after liounax started to fait ninaj was still there for me.
    i wanted to become a mod since 2019-11-12 slowely the nice peopel faded new people came i slowely began to lose hope on becoming mod until not so logn ago i saw how wardaddy_22 began as nobb and got up to mod so fast i am trying to get to mod i began to get hope again only sadly i was forced to take a break because my friends needed help and i coulden afford to do school take car of friend and play mc all the time i tried my bestto come on but never could so my chance ( from my perspective thought where lower) so i kept goign forced to play less mc duo to the virus and now here we are i am strong i am trying and i want to be on daily to succed becoming an mod and be a good mod help teh server stay strong and help build mini games so peopl have fun.
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