Who Dunnit!

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    Aug 14, 2016
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    Hello Applecrafters!
    Hope everyone is well in the current climate and is staying safe. :cool:

    We have been working very hard and are excited to announce "
    Who Dunnit" is back! "Who Dunnit" is a Cluedo style game where the aim is to find who committed a crime!

    Do /mgame from any server (or go through the events portal at spawn) to play the game, and gaze at our amazing build!

    What happened?
    Indie and and Pug are long gone admins but someone has decided to steal their bodies from their graves :eek: !!!

    Go around and speak to the staff and figure out who did it and why – It’s that easy…. Or is it??

    All Admins, Moderators and Helpers and a couple of people who helped to build are hidden all around. Make sure you find them all for the right answer.

    There are
    6 prizes that can be won. You can get 2 keys for a special crate. 1 for guessing the right person and 1 for why. You get a total of 3 guesses.

    Once you think you know who it is and why PM Spanna, Tunny, Diamond or Pixelus on discord and they will sort you out with your crate key. Make sure you specify what world you want the rewards in, Blue, Purple or Red.

    You cannot message and get keys on alt accounts (unless you are siblings etc).

    Go to: Discord.applecraft.org of you are not already part of our discord.

    P.S. We can tell if you have done the work so no cheating.

    P.P.S. Please make sure to pay close attention and also click on the NPCs. There are hidden games everywhere so make sure to be vigilant.

    The event will be active for 2 weeks.

    There is a total of Apple, 9 Admins, 51 Mods, 15 Helpers and 2 Players to speak to. Fairly daunting amount!

    Good Luck and Look Forward to Hearing From you!!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Spanna and the staff team :)

    Special thanks to all staff who helped and special thanks to jesskeepswimming and ttunasub for lending a helping hand
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  2. Roses

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    im the second and in "What happened…..Indie and and Pug are long gone admins but someone has decided to steal their bodies from their graves :eek: !!!'
  3. R0B1N0

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    Feb 7, 2019
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    I do not take any responsibility for any deaths occurring during your adventure. This also goes for any headaches you might get.
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  4. Jayscott

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    Mar 4, 2018
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  5. Staralyte

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    and please do not go insane while on your adventure... we don't have any pretty white jackets left.. Tunny used the last one... (or rather we tried to put him in it) Did I type that out loud? ok so never mind.. :) Just sweet lil ole me... Have Fun..
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