Rare/Enchant Replacements

Feb 23, 2021
Rare/Enchant Replacements
  • This page describes our policy for refunding or replacing rares and enchants on items in all of our worlds. Contact an admin in-game for a replacement or with any questions you have.​

    Rares we could replace:
    - Rares with an “Unplaceable” tag that are accidentally placed.
    - Rares that commonly break: hyperspace orbs and bucket rares.
    - Items lost to lag that we have logs of (ex. If you had an item in a chest and it disappears because of lag but we have logs that you should have it, we could replace it.)

    Rares we won’t replace:
    - A rare is accidentally used, such as tokens.
    - An item disappeared from an inventory, enderchest, chest, or shulker box without logs.
    - An item is accidentally dropped.
    - Items that are lost to lag without logs.
    - An item broke while using it, such as a pickaxe.
    - Once a book is applied to an item, it cannot be removed, refunded, or transferred.
    - A player constantly asks for replacements.

    Enchants we could replace:
    - Enchants that don’t work (ex. If you apply 2 glow books to an item and only 1 works, we may refund the book that does not work.)
    - Enchants that break another enchant.
    - A new enchant does not override an old one (ex. Applied sharpness 6 does not override the existing sharpness 5 enchant previously applied.)

    Enchants we won’t replace:
    - You don’t want an enchant on an item (ex. We will not remove fortune so you could apply silk touch on a pickaxe.)
    - Effects on items (ex. We cannot remove a glow effect if you decide you don’t want it.)
    - Enchants that don’t break the item or other enchants.

    Our Reasoning
    Due to potential scams, which have been abused, we could not replace many rares. In addition, although we understand rares could be used by accident, it is not our fault they were used, placed, dropped, or lost. As for enchants, because they cannot be removed in vanilla, they cannot be removed by admins unless the enchant you applied is causing a problem.
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