Town Info

Oct 14, 2020
Town Info

  • Towns on Applecraft are player built mini-communities for communal living and resource/farm sharing.

    Town warps are accessible via the town portal at /spawn on Blue world. Alternatively get in contact with a town mayor on Blue/Red world to get into/to a town

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    ◆ How do I join a town?

    There are various Towns of varying sizes and themes, find one you like and get in contact with a town mayor of the town you wish to join. Make sure you have their permission and an allocated plot before you begin building/moving in.

    ◆ Can anyone make a town?

    Anyone can start a town, you do not need to be a donator, you do not need to be of any vote rank.

    ◆ Do you use towny?

    We do not rely on a dedicated town plugin such as towny, Towns here are best created via use of your claim blocks and claim commands. You may opt to claim an entire area yourself and subdivide plots for residents, or alternatively allow residents to claim their own spaces within the vicinity of your town.

    ◆ How do I start a town?

    Just start building.

    If you have any friends, appoint them as co-mayors. Build roads, a town hall and spaces that other players can live in or build in. Make sure you start a rule board with any specific rules you would like for your town (we recommend detailing how long a player can be inactive before they are evicted). You will need to be proficient with Claiming (we recommend Claiming your entire town and making subdivisions for players to live in).

    ◆ How do I get a town warp?

    Town warps are available on all 3 worlds (Blue, Red and Purple).

    To acquire a town warp you must meet the below standards and then maintain them in order to keep the warp, contact an ADMIN about getting a warp once you have met this criteria :

    Warp requirements:

    [*]You must have at least 2 mayors of at least ranger rank (60 votes)

    [*]Towns must have at least 5 completed houses with at least 5 active members (active players logged in within 30 days)

    [*]Towns must have roads/sidewalks for residents to walk around on

    [*]Towns must have a town hall with a rule board, the rule board must include town rules and anything that may lead to a town member being evicted (inactivity, bad builds, etc)

    [*]Mayors must be active within 60 days to keep the town warp, otherwise the town warp will be removed

    [*]Everything must be claimed! (by the town mayors) All houses, sidewalks, town hall, etc. In addition subdivisions and player trust must be set. Claims must also be organised.

    [*]Town mayors and members are not allowed to grief a town. A town is considered public land.

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